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Our Story

In 2014, the seed of CDN Citrus Clean was planted. There was a massive problem in the industrial sector. Business owners had to use 10 to 20 different products just to get their cleaning done. On top of that, they were paying EXORBITANT amounts of money for harmful chemicals that smelled horrendous and didn’t work half the time!

The Founder and CEO of CDN Citrus Clean, Colin George, has run multiple successful companies and is a huge advocate of servitude. Since as far back as he could remember, he’s been focused on serving and providing real, genuine value. So, it comes as no surprise that as soon as he found the problem in the industrial cleaner market, he immediately set out to find a solution.

The solution was squeezed into existence very soon afterwards! Colin was able to produce a unique, citrus based degreaser that smelled like a grove of oranges and worked on just about everything!

With his ground-breaking citrus degreaser and his 10 years of sales expertise, Colin set out across Alberta and Saskatchewan in his black Fiat to provide his solution to those who needed it. Everyone from large oil and gas companies to the neighborhood deli immediately fell in love with the product and the person behind it.

Thanks to Colin’s dedication to solving a real problem, over 2000 businesses have replaced entire shelves of products and saved tens of thousands of dollars every year!

Fast forward to today. With a vastly expanded product line, some of the most popular retail partners, and a team of dedicated people who follow his principles, it’s safe to say that there is much more to expect from Colin and his team at CDN Citrus Clean!

Our Mission And Vision

Our goal is simple. It is to serve families and businesses in every way that we can. One of the ways that we can do that is by empowering every single person in North America to make a change in their cleaning habits.

“How do you suppose you’re going to do that?” You might ask. There are multiple things that we do to ensure that you will make the right choice.

Our products are made in Canada and America. Being a Canadian company, we understand the importance of things being made at home. When a product is made locally, it gives a mother or father a means to feed their family. It gives them a means to protect their family. So, when you buy one of our products, you’re not just buying a bottle of liquid that can clean your child’s spilled food. You’re helping someone else and their child have food and a place to call home.

We also know that you care about the environment. You want there to be an earth left for your children and your children’s children. Because of that, we strive to provide people with bio-degradable, safer alternatives to harmful chemicals. By the way, just because they’re safer, doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. For us, it’s all about providing human beings with the right to choose. People shouldn’t have to pay a premium to be close to nature, and neither should you.

By making the switch today, you’re helping the world become a happier, cleaner, and more harmonious place. You’re helping people just like you improve their lives and the lives of others. We’ll also eliminate all of the risk for you. Learn more in our Return Policy

Our Values

The foundation of every successful relationship is loyalty, honesty, and respect. You deserve all three of those things, not just when dealing with people, but also when dealing with a company.


Get treated with loyalty, and treated like royalty. Without loyalty, human beings have nothing. Naturally, we want to be loyal to someone, and for someone to be loyal to us. That’s why we’re loyal to every single one of our customers – because you’re loyal to us. You put your faith in us. We will never betray that faith.


Transparency = Trust. Nobody needs to be lied to, especially when it comes to giving your hard-earned money in exchange for something! With us, there’s no strings attached. We understand that you don’t have time to be concerned about whether a company is being truthful with you. You have way more important things to worry about!


You accomplish amazing things every day, and deserve great respect. Life can sometimes be quite challenging – yet that’s what life is all about! When you overcome an obstacle, you come out a stronger, better you. So every single day, when you conquer the challenges that life presents you with, take a moment to realize the great things you are capable of doing. When you protect your family in times of need, big and small, understand that you are doing things only heroes are capable of.We have deep respect for people like you.